Friday, 5 March 2010


These four paintings are of, The Boulevard Mountmartre at night by Camille Pissarro, The Fighting Temeraire by Joseph Mallord William Turner, A Wheatfielf with Cypresses by Vincent van Gogh and The Thames below Westminster by Claude-Oscar Monet. All of which are four of the many postcards I have on my wall.

Yesterday I went to the National Gallery as I had not been there in ages and just looked at the collection, I had been there for exhibtion but not just to look at what is always on show. Seeing these images in real life compared to postcards that I see everyday shows to me how amazing they are, how bright they are and how they have been painted. I forgot really they were paintings I guess, when I see them so oftern as postcards on my wall and seeing them again for real made me say 'wow' at them again and see the quality and remember why I love them.

Evan though I love photography I will always love painting too and will be getting back into it when I have some spare time, and seeing these and knowing how old they are I am almost overpowered by them.


  1. I like the one in the bottom left hand corner - we used to have that hanging in our living room but I'd forgotten about it! I like the clouds - they always fascinated me :) xxxxx

  2. you got to love a bit of Vincent van Gogh mate! the clouds are pretty :D xxx